Eye Mask For Dry Eyes

Using an eye mask for dry eyes can provide significant relief. There are two types of eye masks that you can use to help your dry eye. The first one is likely to be the most helpful for the majority of people. Some people may use a warm washcloth but this does not work as well as using a proper warming eye mask.

Heated Eye Mask Or Bruder Eye Mask

The first type of eye mask for dry eyes is a heating mask. This is sometimes called a bruder eye mask because this was one of the first ones to be introduced on the market. Now, there are several available for purchase but the best heated eye mask for dry eye is one that can provide moist heat. This specialized type of mask helps the heat to soak into the eyelids and allows the glands to open up. The reason that this is helpful in dry eye is because the majority of dry eye disease is associated with something called meibomian gland dysfunction. The meibomian glands are tiny glands that are located in the eyelids near the eyelashes. They are responsible for producing a part of your tear film that helps to stabilize the tear film. When these glands do not function properly, the tear film is disrupted and also evaporates more quickly.

Dry Eye Relief Mask To Help Eyelid Closure

The second type is a simple sleeping mask. This mask can be worn all night and can help ensure that your eyes are fully closed while you sleep. If your eyes do not fully close while you are sleeping, the inferior portion of your cornea can be come exposed. Long hours of exposure can result in dryness and can often cause eye pain in the morning. If you sleep with a partner or have a roommate, they may be able to let you know how your eyes look when you are sleeping. Remember to regularly wash your eye mask so that it stays clean and does not introduce unnecessary contaminants to your eyelids and lashes.

Dry Eye Relief Mask: Summary

An eye mask can provide a great amount of relief from dry eye. You may need two types of masks to help you. The first type of mask can help with eyelid gland dysfunction. If your eyelids are red and irritated this could be a sign of meibomian gland dysfunction and along with using a moist heat mask you should also make an appointment to see an ophthalmologist. If it is possible that you sleep with your eyes slightly open then you may experience more discomfort and dryness in the morning when you wake up. An eye mask that helps to keep your eyes closed at night can ensure that your eyes are not exposed to the elements for several hours.

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