Best Heated Eye Mask For Blepharitis

A heated eye mask is a must if you have blepharitis. Blepharitis is a common eye condition that involves inflammation of the eyelids. The exact prevalence of blepharitis is not well established, but some studies suggest that it affects nearly half of individuals. Blepharitis can lead to the development of styes. Styes, also known as hordeolums, are red, painful bumps that can form on the eyelid, usually near the base of the eyelashes. Styes are typically caused by a bacterial infection, and they can be associated with blepharitis because the inflammation of the eyelids can create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. When the meibomian glands in the eyelids become blocked and inflamed due to blepharitis, the bacteria that are normally present on the skin can colonize the blocked glands and cause an infection. In order to unclog the glands, a heated eye mask should be used. If you already have a stye or chalazion you should use an eye mask at least 6 times a day for 10 minutes at a time. If you just have blepharitis, you can use the heated eye mask two times per day to help prevent styes and chalazions. Here are the best heated eye masks for blepharitis:

1. Optase Heated Eye Mask – Top Pick!

This is the best heated eye mask for styes and for blepharitis. It provides moist heat and is easy to heat up in the microwave. It also remains warm for 8 to 10 minutes. The easy of using this product makes it number one on our list. You can buy an optase eye mask here.

2. Wizard Electic Heated Eye Mask

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This is our second favorite choice. Although it stays warm and does not need to be heated in the microwave, it is much more expensive than other the optase mask. If you already have a stye or chalazion that you are actively trying to get rid of, this may be a good choice since that requires more aggressive and continuous treatment when compared to blepharitis. It is also slightly smaller than the other eye masks, and since it is a digital product there is the risk of it not working or needing to be replaced.

3. Therum MoistHeat Technology

No microwave? No problem. This on the go mask can help you treat blepharitis from work, home or vacation. Since it is a disposable item, it is not reusable, so that is the downside here. It may be a good option to have around in case you need to use one while you are traveling. This is also the best self heating eye mask.

Other options for treating blepharitis include lid cleansing wipes to treat for demodex blepharitis, meibomian gland expression, and IPL. Chronic blepharitis can lead to puffy lids, eyelid swelling, chalazions, styes, dry eye and blurry vision. Be sure to see an ophthalmologist to help you with your eyelid concerns.

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