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Does wearing glasses make your eyes worse
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Does Wearing Glasses Weaken Eyes: Doctor Explains

A common patient question is “Doctor, does wearing glasses make your eyes worse?” The answer is the vast majority of cases – no, it does not.  However, in a small number of cases, specifically in children wearing an incorrect prescription, it could. Let’s take a look. Does Wearing Eyeglasses Make Your Vision Worse: Adults A…

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Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day? Doc Explains

Many patients ask Ophthalmologist Dr. Nagori “Can you wear blue light glasses all day doctor?” Patients are concerned that wearing a pair of blue light glasses all day could be harmful or make their eyes dependent on them. Let’s take a look at the truth behind why wearing blue light glasses all day is generally…

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What Age Do Kids Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

When can kids get contacts is a question that is asked very often in the eye doctor’s office. Deciding when a child can start wearing contact lenses can be a challenging decision for parents and doctors. Let’s take the different factors that come into play when deciding what age a child can start to wear…

Minimum Corneal Thickness For LASIK: How Thin Is Ok?
Vision Correction

Minimum Corneal Thickness For LASIK: How Thin Is Ok?

A good candidate for LASIK will need to have a certain amount of thickness to their corneal. Before we take a look at what the minimum corneal thickness for Lasik is, let’s understand why it matters.   Why Minimum Corneal Thickness For Lasik Matters? Minimum corneal thickness refers to the lowest amount of corneal tissue…

Do You Have To Be Awake For Eye Surgery
Eye Health

Do You Have To Be Awake For Eye Surgery?

Having eye surgery can be intimidating. Many patients will ask their eye surgeon, “Do you have to be awake for eye surgery.”  Let’s take a look at the different cases of eye surgeries and which ones you are generally awake for. Do You Have To Be Awake For Eye Surgery: Type Of Surgery For the…

contact lens fitting guide
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Contact Lens Fitting Guide: What Happens During Exam

Contact lens fitting is the first step in moving from eyeglasses to contact lenses.  The fitting process involves a few different steps, and it is usually done by an eye doctors. Part of the fitting and training may also be done by someone who has been trained in contact lens fitting under the supervision of…