Dry Eyes With Contacts

Do you have dry eyes with contacts wear? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. It is more likely for contact lens wearers to have dry eye then a person who does not wear contacts. Not only is dry eye more common in contact lens wearers, but having dry eye is more likely to lead to having contact lens discomfort. If not treated appropriately, this can result in the discontinuation of contact lens wear.

Dry Eyes Contacts Options

The best contacts for dry eyes are daily contact lenses. This is simply because you are putting in a fresh pair each time. If you attempt to use daily contact lenses for more than one use, however, they will be far more drying than other types of contact lenses. The next best choice is using a lens that has a one or two week duration. As you use contacts for longer and longer, more protein will build up on the lenses. This will aggravate any dry eye that you are experiencing.

Another benefit to using daily contacts if you have dry eye symptoms is that you can safely use almost any type of artificial tear. Many artificial tears have preservatives in them and thus it is not advised to use them while your contact lenses are inside your eye. However, if you are wearing daily contact lenses and you plan to throw them out after a day of wearing them, it is less likely that preservatives from an artificial tear drop will cause you any issues.

Best Eye Drops For Dry Contacts

The best drops for dry eyes with contacts are those that are preservative free. Eye drops with preservatives can cause a build up of unwanted material on your contact lens. If you find yourself not able to tolerate you contact lenses at all, this could be more than just dry eye. It could be an eye infection or an eye allergy. Be sure to see your ophthalmologist before attempting to self medicate at home. A great option for preservative free eye drops for contacts is Oasis tears.

Dry Eyes With Contacts: Summary

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When asking yourself which contacts are best for dry eyes, remember that usually a daily contact lens will be more tolerable and comfortable when compared to any other lens. Be sure to also stay updated on the newest contact lens technology as manufacturers are always updating and upgrading their products. Contact lenses today are far more wearable and comfortable than they were 30 years ago.


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