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Are you looking to purchase an eye shield? Depending on what the reason is, there are a few different options for eye shields.

Protective Eye Shield

If you have recently had trauma or surgery to the eye, you will want to use a protective eye shield. This type of shield makes contact with the orbital rim of your eye and does not put physical pressure on your eye. It also is typically made of material that can deflect something that may fly towards your eye and be able to protect it better than something that is made of softer material. These eye shields may also have holes in the protective material so that you are still able to partially see out of them. The part that sits on the orbital rim may be made of rubber while the part with the holes may be made of rubber. In the picture, above an eye shield that is classically used after surgery is featured.

Eye Patch

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An eye patch is usually made of soft material like cloth or gauze. A person may use an eye patch if they have recently had a corneal abrasion or a corneal scratch. This type of eye covering may apply a small amount of pressure onto the eyelid in order to keep the eye closed. This assistance with eyelid closure can be helpful in the case of a corneal scratch because it prevents you from blinking and frequent blinking in the setting of a corneal abrasion can be painful.

Protective Eye Goggles

If you are working in construction or another area where there is potential for foreign objects to damage your eye, protective goggles should be used. It is very easy for very small pieces of metal or rust to embed themselves into the cornea. This can cause pain, infection, and permanent visual damage. Even once an ophthalmologist has removed the piece of metal from the cornea, it can leave a scar. Depending on where the metal piece has lodged itself in your cornea, this scar could be in your visual axis or your line of sight. If the scar is big enough, it can lead to a decrease in your best corrected visual acuity. Because of this, it is a good idea to wear eye protection if you are in a high risk job or participating in a high risk activity.

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